Glitter-tastic make up masterclass with Rubyyy Jones

A great opportunity to get glammed up before the Late Night Assembly at 8pm!

Rubyyy has been playing with make up and performing in it for as long as she can remember and over the years, she’s picked up some tips, tricks and simple steps to making make up application easier and to help your visage really match and elevate your character or just your face for the dance flooor! We will NOT be covering brow blocking as this takes too long BUT Rubyyy will teach you the basic principals of it and all the rest: skin, basic contouring techniques, GLITTER BROWS, bold eyes, easyyy lash application, lush glitter lips and any other topics you throw out over the session! We paint our faces together and this takes time so when Rubyyy’s not talking you through a step, we have time to discuss further principals, products and the like! Perfect for all make up levels but not for experts, you guys can stay at home looking lovely!

Please bring ALL THE MAKE UP EVERRR! Rubyyy will supply a more specific list by Sept 15th and will also bring things to share too! ❤


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